Change is the only constant. So why are we so bad at it?

Change is constant, ever-present--and accelerating. As a species, we're facing the greatest challenges we ever have, yet we're stubbornly clinging to old patterns of behavior. How do we learn to navigate change effectively? It begins by recognizing that the only thing we actually have control over is ourselves. So it pays for us to connect with the fullness of our lived experience as deeply as possible. That means getting out of our heads and into our bodies.

Fundamentals for Navigating Change

Three workshops focused on different elements of embodiment to give new tools and perspectives on the skillful navigation of change.

Monday, September 25, 2023: The Centered Breath

The foundation for all embodiment practices is the breath, and in this workshop, we'll take a deep dive into the practice of the centered breath. We'll explore centering in different physical contexts, discover how to use the centered breath to increase our sensitivity, use centering to cultivate flow, and discuss how to use centering to create and maintain stronger energetic boundaries.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023: Breath and the Zero Draft

How to Stop Believing Things that Aren't True

How do we identify the areas where we should focus our efforts if the goal is to thrive?

Just functioning in the modern world requires us to base our actions on a layer of beliefs that exist only in our minds. We've grown so accustomed to treating these stories about reality as fundamental that most of us don't even recognize that they're stories. What's worse, many of these stories are not true.

It's hard to thrive when we're out of touch with reality.

So what do we do about it?

We first of all practice getting in touch with moment-by-moment reality, again and again and again.

Then we explore using that getting-in-touch to become aware of the problematic stories we're attached to and to find our way to better, truer stories. We do that via an embodied writing technique called the Zero Draft. The practice of Zero Drafting allows us to traverse through the chatter of the mind to find our way to insights that come via a deeper connection to flow.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023: Breath and Movement

Embodiment in Action

The centered breath, practiced assiduously, gives us many tools for navigating change more effectively, but it is when we move with the centered breath that its power for increasing well-being becomes most apparent. The problematic stories that we hold on to generally have a physical component to them. To let them go means literally learning to move through the world in a different way. When we consciously connect the breath with movement, we can increase our sensitivity to held patterns and begin to release them. Furthermore, that sensitivity helps us become more skillful at answering questions that help us navigate our lives: What are we actually experiencing? How are we actually feeling? And how might we best thrive in the present moment?

Location, Time and Pricing

All workshops will be held at:
Circle of Discipline
801 SE 9th St, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Workshops will run from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM.

Pricing: $100 each, $175 for two, $250 for all three.